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Episode 11 – Defusing the Time Bomb Y2K with Brian Becker and Marley McDonald

Co-host James Owen, Brian Becker, and Marley McDonald, co-directors of the documentary 'Time Bomb Y2K', go down[…]

Episode 10 – Sitdown with Sam Carter re: Slash/Back and Feminist Dystopias

"Co"-host James Owen is joined by University of Missouri grad student Sam Carter, whose interests in studies[…]

Episode 9 – Interview with the Kramers on ‘The First Step’

James Owen sits down (virtually) with Lance Kramer, Brandon Kramer, and Louis L. Reed of 'The First[…]

Episode 8 – ‘Do Awards Shows Matter?’ with Shawn Edwards

Co-host James Owen talks with Fox 4 Kansas City's film critic Shawn Edwards, creator and executive producer[…]

Episode 7 – Showdown with History: How ‘High Noon’ and the Blacklist Connect

Co-host James Owen chats with film historian John Mulholland about his documentary 'Inside High Noon'. Released seventy[…]

Episode 6 – Unmasking the Creature Actor with Smile’s Kevin Keppy

FilmSnobs co-creator James Owen hosts actor Kevin Keppy, a 'creature actor' currently appearing in 'Smile' at theaters,[…]

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